Welcome To The Survival Café Store & Home Page

On our store, you can purchase various ranks and abilities that enhance your experience on our server. You can browse our store by selecting the tabs above. There are various ranks and other packages that you may keep permanent access to as well!



- If you do not receive your items within '15' minutes of purchasing, contact a staff member in game or in our Discord (use /discord in game to join).

- If you are purchasing for a friend, make sure that you are using the "Gift This Package" option, and enter their Minecraft Username. If you have done this incorrectly, contact a Staff Member.

- If you have spent $100 USD in the store over time, you are eligible for a 15% Discount Code, which can be used as many times as you want! Contact a Staff Member in game or on our discord for more information.



The Survival-Café is a new server that will adapt to its players and not the other way around. We aim to please our players and make their experience not only an immersive one, but a custom experience tailored to what they want. However, there is a certain cost associated to maintaining a server with no lag, crazy permissions, unlimited AFK, great ranks, and perks!



All payments are handled securely through PayPal. The Survival-Café does not have any access to billing information. Any issue with transactions that have to do with processing should be directed towards to PayPal. The details required on a purchase are provided in your receipts so be sure to specify this in your actual email. This way, the server can accurately process the payment and prevent fraudulent behavior. As covered in our terms and conditions, we do not accept or process refunds in any manner. In cases where something was accidentally purchased, in-game equivalents may be offered (Example: Buying access to a command twice).